Turn Oven 2000


Machine Jahan fer Lak Company utilizes the knowledge and experienced tech experts
Turn oven 2000 new product to market and quality of our instruments sterile experience and wisdom of experts and directors of the company is involved in manufacturing machinery and pastry baking.


- The ability to cure a variety of bulk and semi-bulk breads, pastries, cakes, biscuits.
- Equipped with a powerful indirect thermal circulation with minimal fuel consumption.
- The use of high-strength sheet steel pipes for rapid heat absorption.
- An electro-mechanical control panel PLC - the customer.
- If the PLC control panel installed automatically baking recording programs.
- A steam generator system and available automatic.
- From 0 to 400 degrees C automatic temperature control system.
- The possibility to carry the tires with the dimensions 60 x 90 x 180 cooking room.

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 lak Machinery of 1386 in order to improve global technology and design and manufacture of advanced tools to grow significantly graduated

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